Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 Christmas Cards!

I don't know about you, but things have been CRAAAAAZY around our house this year!  We moved from NM to Utah, lived with my parents for a few months, moved into our new place while Hubby is remodeling the kitchen, and downsized BIG TIME.  Needless to say, our kitchen is almost put back together, our house is almost unpacked, all the boxes that need to go back to storage are almost back, the storage unit is nowhere near organized, and I have a new part time job on top of all that!  Yikes!  I am looking for simplicity in my life this holiday season!  But, first: its time to order Christmas cards!  4 new designs this year brings your choices to 37!  I am still booking sessions to grace your Christmas cards!  So let me know what I can do for you!

 Custom Christmas Cards
Includes: (25) custom 5x7 (or 5x5) cards with envelopes   Pricing is for standard paper.  A $3.00 up-charge per set will be applied for upgraded paper.  Extra sets (of 25) available at discount.

To order:
1- Pick your card number.  Card pricing is listed down below.
2- Email me: and include:
             1-card number.
             2- Text info (what you want your card to say as well as all spelling of names).
             3-High resolution picture(s) that you want included.
             4- Paper choice: standard, linen, watercolor, recycled.
             5- Any other info that you think pertinent.
3- I will email you a digital proof for your approval. 
4-Once you have signed off I will send you a paypal invoice. 
5-Once paid I will send it to the printers and it will be delivered in 1-2 weeks.  Home delivery is an extra $7.00. 

Cards #1-17 & 34-36: flat/2 sided $40 for the first set.  $30 any additional set.
Cards #18-26: folded.  $50 for the first set.  $40 any additional sets.
Cards #27-29: scalloped.  $50 for the first set.  $40 any additional sets.
Cards #30-33 & 37: trifold.  $60 for the first set.  $50 for any additional sets.


I also do total custom cards.  These are priced on a job basis.  If you are looking for something totally unique email me with: size, style, colors, etc.  And I will get back with you on the price.
Thank you!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rachel and Dustin: part I

Surely you remember Rachel my favorite model/hairdresser/makeup artist/babysitter from New Mexico? Well, about a year ago Rachel decided to take off on me and move to Utah. While I was sad she was leaving me, I was planning on following as soon as I could! I was so excited when Rachel told me that she had met her Prince Charming and was getting married!

Here is part I from our fun evening!

Wouldn't this one be great with two canvases side by side?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Princess K turns 6

Princess K turned 6 the end of June.  I can hardly believe it!  She was only 2.5 weeks old when we moved to New Mexico, and now here she is: a first grader!  K is my dainty firecracker.  My scaredy-cat dare devil.  When we went to Lagoon (a local amusement park) while her older sister was very cautious with what she wanted to ride, K picked the biggest ride and said, "Whats THAT!?!  Can I ride it??"  And then she did.  Over and over again.  Yet, that same night she was in tears going to bed because she was scared of the witch she had seen in the window walking past the scare house.  This was at the same time that she went through the phase where she pretty much refused to bathe or shower (no worries, we still made her!) because the black lines in the shower scared her and the tub made her think of sharks!  K doesn't know how to walk.  She prances.  All over.  All day long.  This summer she has learned to swim and learned to ride her bike.  As she learns she giggles and giggles.  She was in such hysterics while we were learning to ride a bike that I have no idea how she was able to stay upright!  And, once she figures it out she will leave you in her dust.  But, at the end of the day, she is still my tender little girl who loves snuggles.

For this b-day photo shoot we decided on a Princess tea party.

As we were out in the orchard taking pictures we spotted some deer.  K was, of course, fearless and probably would have gone right up and pet them!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Sale!

I just LOVE summer.  I am a total beach girl at heart and would be so happy to live in an eternal summer at the beach!  I was quite shocked the other day when I looked at the calender to see that in 3 short weeks my kids will be back in school.  While I must admit, there was a bit of a sigh of relief on my part, I was still a little saddened that summer had nearly wound itself up!  This Summer has been really really laid back for us. We have filled our days with Seven Peaks water park, summer movies, afternoons in the pool, and many fun outings with Dad.  So, in celebration of the desire for an eternal Summer, I decided to have a Summer Sale, so that I could help you capture some of your Summer memories and help to make your Summer Eternal.

So, here's the deal: from now until August 20th (the first day of school in these parts) when you book a session, you get 25% off your sitting fee!!  But, even better: since I am needing to build up some clientele after our move, if you refer someone who books a session they get the 25% off and you get a whole 50% off your sitting fee!  The best part is, because summer truly is a super busy time of year, you have clear until October 31st to get your session done! 

Please contact me with any questions and enjoy your summer!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Family Fun

This was my last session the weekend before we left New Mexico.  I adore this fun little family.  Their oldest daughter was in preschool with my oldest.  And their youngest was in preschool with my youngest daughter! It was a fun surprise for both Mom and I when, on the first day of school, we saw that she was my daughters Kindergarten teacher last year!  K just loved being in her class and being a "busy bee".  She even wanted to get her hair cut just like Ms. B!  They were so fun to photograph and they did an awesome job with their clothing selection!  Such fun colors for summer!

I absolutely love this location...too bad that I only got a chance to use it once!  Who knew that there was a spot in Albuquerque with so many trees!?!

Enjoy the colorfully cute B family!!

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